A Real Time Response to Real World Threats


  • Lana with Rubix and Tom.5 year old Lana with Rubix and Tom.
    Even a five year old can handle a well trained personal protection dog.
  • Single women can feel safe anywhere with their vigilant companion. Here’s Malorie D. and her Belgian Malinois ‘Lizzy’ having fun at the park
  • Dog Training on Leash Taking a break after an intense agility session.
  • Protection dog guarding his mommy on a lonely road. Protection dog Lucky guarding his mommy on a lonely road. Do you want your daughter in this situation without a fierce guardian at her side?
  • Trained dog subduing an attacker It takes a highly skilled decoy (that’s the guy in the padded bite suit)
    to train a highly skilled protection dog.
  • Protection dog being trained to prevent car jacking. Car jacking prevention training.
  • ATM Machines can be a dangerous place to be. Champ the personal protection dog is ready to “Take a Bite Out of Crime”
  • German Shepard subduing an attacker. Training to be a protection dog
  • Dog on leash is protecting from attacker Protection dogs are tough.
  • Taking down the bad guy. Taking down the bad guy.
  • Dog in security gear guards the ladies restroom. Wouldn’t it be nice to have this boy guarding you at a dark, deserted rest stop?


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