Single Women Need Protection Dogs

I’m not trying to be sexist here. Just check out these startling figures from the “National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey” as seen on the Center for Disease Control Website.

protection dog and single woman

A best friend, a companion and a
fierce protector all wrapped up in one.

In the U.S., 24 people per minute [almost all women] are raped, stalked or become victims of physical violence. These statistics are only about people “known” to the victim. It doesn’t count rapes and violence against women by people “unknown” to them.

The American Statistical Association reported that Rape is more common than smoking in the US. They found that “18.3% of women over 18 reported being sexually assaulted in their lifetime while 17.4% of women reported smoking.”

These figures don’t even tell the entire story:

The Southern Economic Journal Reported that “The under reporting of rape represents one of the most consistent patterns in law enforcement.” They reported that, “The U.S. Department of Justice estimated only about one-third of rape victims reported the crime to police making rape the most underreported of all violent crimes.”

If we multiply the 18.3 percent figure above by three, we get a tragic but whopping 54.9 percent of women over 18 who are likely to be sexually assaulted in their lifetime.

That means that half the adult women in America will be sexually assaulted in some way.

I’m no statistician, but that’s scary as Hell.

There are many things a woman can do to reduce the chance they are in the victim group above:

  • Be very cautious who you associate with.
  • Be conscientious with the security features of the place where you live.
  • Be diligent with your vehicle maintenance so you don’t break down.
  • Get involved in some self-defense training.
  • Consider getting some weapon or improvised weapon training.
  • Be careful where and how you travel.
  • Be vigilant of potential risks all the time.
  • I guess this is obvious since you are on this site, but invest in a personal protection dog.

Although you should never ignore any of the recommendations on the above list; a highly trained personal protection dog will certainly complement each item and can take some of the pressure off your skill level in keeping yourself safe. A properly selected dog will only add to your security and peace of mind. Let me go over each statement to explain how a dog would fit.

Be Very Cautious Who You Associate With

Yes, I know this can be difficult. Let’s say you have a project deadline and you are forced to meet the new guy at work after hours to complete the project on time. Certainly you should employ all the normal safeguards of meeting at a public place, etc. But one thing is for sure. If you meet him with your personal protection dog with you, every potentially perverted thought he had of spending some time “alone” with you will quickly go out the window. Also, the chances are he won’t offer to walk you back to your car for that forced kiss he’s been thinking about.

Even when you’re dating someone new, do you really know what he’s like when he’s been drinking or maybe even doing some recreational drugs? What if he gets out of hand after you make him dinner? What if he won’t take no for an answer? One command to your dog and he’ll think twice about what he planned to do. Another command to your dog and …..well it’s not going to be a “happy ending” for this predator.

Be Conscientious with the Security Features of the Place Where You Live

There’s a lot about this online, but let me give you some things to think about. Let’s say you have dutifully prepared yourself with an automatic garage door opener so when arriving home at night you can get into your house without getting out of your car. You have also correctly selected a house with a door from the garage into the interior living space. All that’s good, but what if someone was hiding in the bushes and slipped into the garage as you are pulling in. What if the garage door closes behind you and you feel like you are totally safe? . . . But you aren’t! The bad guy is in the garage with you and the door is already closed. As soon as you exit the vehicle and leave the remote you are an easy target but. . .

. . . NOT WITH A DOG TRAINED TO BE STANDING IN THE GARAGE WHEN HE HEARS THE GARAGE DOOR START TO OPEN.  The perpetrator would probably not have tried to get you in the first place if he knew there was a protection dog on the premises. If he was stupid enough to try anyway, your dog would have detected him, alerted you and if trained to do so, would have chased the bad guy away or attacked him.

This is just one of many scenarios that your dog can be trained for. Let’s look at another.

Let’s say you live in a high rise, with a doorman. You feel pretty safe right? What about when you walk to the corner store at night? How about your visit to an ATM machine? What about going to the garbage or laundry in the building or out of the building? The doorman won’t be able to help you in the split second it takes to get mugged, assaulted or even hit on the head and raped. The chances of a sneak attack are virtually wiped out when you have a well-trained protection dog at your side.

Be Diligent with Your Vehicle Maintenance So You Don’t Break Down 

Always fill up when your tank drops to half full. Your tires should be in good condition with plenty of tread. You should have a solid spare tire and some Fix-a-Flat stuff handy to get you quickly to safety should you pick up a nail in your tire. There’s all kinds of other information the car people will tell you to do to keep your vehicle running.

Protection dog Lucky keeps his owner safe.

Here’s Lucky protecting his mommy Nichole on a lonely road.

What happens when the best of maintenance doesn’t help? Your car is dead. You ran over a board that smashed up underneath your car which caused an oil, gas, coolant or other debilitating leak. It’s dark. You’re alone. You’re miles from the nearest anything.

With your trusted companion and personal protection dog you feel much safer. It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get help immediately, but the presence of that dog will not only deter any “supposed” good samaritan from pulling any tricks, but if he tries, he’s going to wish he hadn’t.

Get Involved in Some Self Defense Training 

With the way things are in the world, I think everyone should have some basic self-defense training. The added benefit to doing this is that it will supplement or substitute for boring workouts to help keep you in shape. I’ve been in to combat martial arts for many years and one thing I’ve learned for sure . . . when you have to win to defend your life, you want the odds stacked in your favor. The rules are out the window. Please check out the training at

That’s exactly what your dog will do. . . . Stack the odds in your favor. Not only will you not look like a victim (bad guys like easy targets) if things do get confrontational, you will have a fighter on your side pretty much equivalent to a couple bad guys. In most cases the odds just switched to your favor.  Also, many bad guys are just darn afraid of dogs and won’t even think of bothering you if you have one.

Consider Getting Some Weapon or Improvised Weapon Training

Weapons are serious business so if you decide to get some training, know that we’re not playing games here. In fact, most nice people get killed with their own weapon. Nice people aren’t quick to shoot or stab someone. This hesitation is all the bad guy needs to take the weapon and use it against you. You need to make the decision well in advance of what you are willing to do in a violent encounter and get some training. Most people “say” they would not hesitate to shoot or stab someone, but most have never been in a violent encounter and they would most likely freeze or hesitate and then . . . .well, the bad guy gets you like I said above . . . often with your own weapon.

Improvised weapons training is basically getting you in the mindset of looking for things around you that can be used as weapons. The edges of a simple book, either hard or softcover, can do some serious damage if you know how to use it. I suggest finding some training online about that just so you can get in the mindset that “there is always a way” to defend yourself.

Unfortunately most people are just not cut out to handle weapons and even if they are, they aren’t dedicated enough to practice and train to become really proficient. I know myself; I love to go to the shooting range, but finding the time???? Well, that’s another story.

Your highly trained personal protection dog can not only be a wonderful and fun companion, but he carries his weapons in his mouth 24/7 and he’s always ready to use them with great proficiency to defend you . . . his favorite person in the world.

Be Careful Where and How You Travel 

Yes, I remember Helen Reddy and the old song “I am Woman”….(hear me roar), but the sad fact is you are much more likely to be a victim of a violent and/or sexual crime than me. You really must be more careful than a man when it comes to where you travel, what time of day you travel, and who you travel with. It’s that simple. At the very least you are a sexual target just because you are female. In addition, most criminals see you as a weaker target and they like easy to control victims.

Traveling can be as simple as going across town to see a friend. Are you going to cut across some bad neighborhoods to save some time, or are you going to take the longer and safer route? Dog or no dog I, or anyone else associated with this site would not suggest you go through a bad neighborhood. Take the long route.

Traveling can be a multi hundred mile road trip. You think you can control the route and nature of the trip, but can you really? What about detours that take you off the beaten path? What about accidents and weather that extend your entire daylight trip into the night resulting in a midnight arrival at an unknown motel?

Your dog will not complain. Your dog won’t care if you have to eat junk food. Your dog won’t care if you ever get there because he wants to be near you. Everything else means nothing to him as long as he can be near you.

Be Vigilant of Potential Risks at All Times

For most nice people this is a tough one. If you’ve not been around bad people or seen much actual violence, it’s hard to keep your mind on safety all the time. And who wants to? You just want to live and enjoy your life with your friends and family right?  This is pretty easy for me after many years ago having been in two gunfights and having bikers trying to kill me when I cleaned up a biker bar and turned it into a family lounge.

ATM Protection Dogs

An ATM can be a dangerous place to be. Malorie D. has Lizzy watching her back.

It’s a good habit to survey your surroundings. Let’s say you are at the mall. You have arms full of packages and you are walking to your car. Bad guys know you are at a big disadvantage. You are distracted. You probably don’t have your keys ready to open the car, etc. Before you walk into any parking lot day or night, look around. Are there any suspicious looking people lurking close enough to get to you? Are there shadows where bad guys could be hiding that you could avoid? Is there a van parked next to your car where the van door could slide open and a criminal could grab you?

This is not being paranoid. This is being vigilant.

Did you know you can have a slight modification to your car which would open the door remotely so your dog could get to you? Also, more places are allowing well behaved pets in their places of business. Your highly trained dog can be eyes and ears for you when you are distracted or just having a good time with friends.  Your dog won’t care about the latest gossip. He won’t care if you are running late or totally not paying attention to a threat right in front of you. He will be vigilant for you.

The bottom line is that there are many compelling reasons you as a single woman should consider a personal protection dog.

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