Bonding  by Tom Antion – This article talks about an entire book on bonding and why the concept is really important for you and your new personal protection dog.

Colt, My Young Personal Protection Dog Keeps Me From Harm by Tony Gravley – Tony might not be here to write this article if it wasn’t for his young protection dog in training.

Dog Training: Method of Successive Approximation by Tony Gravley – Tony tells the amazing story of Marco and how that dog and his trainer shaped the course of Tony’s career.

E-Collars and Long Hair by Tom Antion – If you want your remote collar to work consistently, you must address the long hair problem.

E-Collar Transmitter Conditioning by Tom Antion – There’s a lot to learn about using a remote collar. Here’s a quick tip that will help you out.

Feeding Your Personal Protection Dog by Tom Antion – This article doesn’t tell you what to feed your dog. It talks about when and how much to feed your dog and tells you about the very serious condition of “Bloat”.

Personal Protection Dog Liability by Tom Antion – This article gives you some insights on getting liability insurance that covers your protection dog.

Selection Tests for Personal Protection Dogs by Tony Gravley – Tony uses his vast experience of evaluating dogs and placing them in the right kind of jobs to tell us about the selection process.

Titration Level: What is it and How Do I Use It? by Tony Gravley – How hard should you correct your dog? Read this article to find out.

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