Family Protection Dogs

With the increased fear of gun control, home invasions, car jackings, armed robberies, child abductions, kidnappings and sexual assaults the demand for better ways to defend yourself and your family is increasing. Although we at Protection Dogs Elite are totally in favor of multiple forms of protection for you and your family, we may just have a multifaceted solution for you.

The personal protection dog can be:

  • A great everyday companion for you and your family.
  • An ever vigilant home alarm system even when there’s an extended power outage.
  • A body guard you can take with you in your vehicle while running errands.
  • A protector of your children when they are out playing.
  • A workout buddy when you are out running or bicycling.
  • A fierce and loyal defender who would most likely give his life to defend you and your family

5 Myths about family protection dogs:

  • They are a vicious liability – The fact is that a personal protection dog obtained from a credible training facility is the most obedient, well-mannered and under control dog you will ever own. If you need evidence of this, just visit a doggie park (go by yourself because we don’t really recommend anyone taking their dog to a doggie park) and watch all the non-protection dogs running wild, totally out of control and totally ignoring their owner’s commands. A personal protection dog from Protection Dogs Elite will listen to you. Period!
  • My dog will protect me if I’m being attacked – This is a GIANT, DOUBTFUL MAYBE! Do you really want to gamble with your life and your family’s lives? There have been numerous experiments done with television news cameras capturing the results where fake burglars broke in to people’s homes. Usually within minutes the family dog is playing ball with the intruder. I can’t really remember any of the dogs shown that actually defended the home or the owner. I do remember how amazed the dog owners were when their “Mr. Tough Guy” totally wimped out on them.
  • All I have to do is buy a fully trained dog – First. “Fully Trained” is one of those “Buyer Beware” terms that has no set definition and second even if a dog is fully trained it doesn’t mean you and your dog know how to react in real life dangerous situations. Is the dog simply fully trained in obedience and has some bite training which will most likely give you a false sense of security, or has the dog been through a rigorous set of real life scenarios simulating the pressure and intensity of an actual violent encounter? The second is the one that gives you and your family the absolute best chance of surviving an attack.
  • My personal protection dog will instinctively know how to respond to every daily situation – C’mon now. You’ve got more common sense than that. What happens at the 4th of July picnic when your crazy softball buddy has a few beers and starts wrestling around with you? Do you think your dog automatically knows this guy? Do you think the dog is saying to himself, “Ah Shucks! Those guys are just horsing around. I’m just going to lay here in the shade.”? Of course not. You have to get to know your dog as he/she has to get to know you.
  • Anyone can have a personal protection dog – That’s true that anyone can purchase one. It’s absolutely NOT true that anyone SHOULD have one. You must be a highly responsible person to own a dog that can turn someone into swiss cheese if he/she wants to. You must be willing to train with the dog and you absolutely must train your family how to work with the dog. Your children, as soon as they can understand language, should also be involved in the training.

What’s It Like to Live With a Family Protection Dog?

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