Who Needs Executive and Estate Protection Dogs?

  • High net worth individuals.
  • People who travel frequently for business and leave their family at home.
  • Politicians.
  • Professional Athletes.
  • Actors.
  • Celebrities.
  • Owners of dangerous businesses like collections, repossessions, efficiency firms that cut jobs, etc.
  • Owners of cash businesses.
  • Owners of controversial businesses.
  • Any person who is at risk for kidnapping or kidnapping of a family member.

Why is it Cost Effective to Own an Executive Protection Dog or a Team of Them?

Owning one or more Executive and Estate Protection dogs is not only prestigious, it makes sense financially too. If you have a large estate, one dog can cover the ground of 3-5 men and a lot faster too. A team of dogs can be trained to work in unison to protect different areas of your estate.

Being a business owner my entire life I certainly am aware of a little thing called “payroll”. An Executive and Estate Protection dog does not take days off or get paid vacations. It doesn’t get paid overtime. You don’t foot the bill while it’s texting, surfing  the web, or updating its Facebook page while it’s supposed to be on duty (oops. I guess it doesn’t update its Facebook page EVER hahaha). Oh, and one more thing . . . it can’t be bribed to give up sensitive information about you, your family, or your business affairs.

From the Beach to the Boardroom

Rubix with children at the beach. Look at the intensity in his eyes. He's working and he knows it.

Rubix with children at the beach. Look at the intensity in his eyes. He’s working to keep the family safe and he knows it.

If you’ve ever searched the personal ads at a dating site, you’ve seen lots of the people claim they are comfortable in jeans or in evening attire.

Whether that’s true or not on a dating site leaves plenty of room for debate. When you have a well-trained Executive and Estate Protection dog or dog team, that’s exactly what you get.

We will train your dog to fit right in at your home estate, in your plane, in your helicopter, on your boat, in a hotel and if you wish, at your feet at a board meeting.  Your dog is not distracted by office politics, weather, jealously, fear, or anything else that would distract someone who is supposed to protect you, your family. and your business.

Your dog was specifically chosen for his / her reliable temperament that keeps it clear headed and acting appropriately in the face of chaos. Your dog’s training is what will make it act appropriately when and if you or your family is threatened.

What skills can your Executive and Estate Protection Dog Have?

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