Fence Line Training

by Tom Antion

There are many ways to keep your dog on your own property. You can tie him to things. You can build an outdoor kennel. You can build a big fence and you can also put an electric barrier fence around your property. All these things can be effective, but nothing beats good old fashioned training.

In the next video you are going to see that with nothing more than a 1 x 4 piece of wood Rubix has been trained to stay on his own property unless he is given permission by me or one of the family members. The video doesn’t show how I trained this so here is the “very complicated” instructions (I’m being sarcastic because it’s really very simple) :

1. Tie a long line to your dog

2. Let him wander near the line he is not allowed to cross by himself.

3. If he goes to cross the line, correct him and yell no.

4. Go outside the line and call him to show him it’s OK to cross the line when you call him.

5. As he gets the idea, start distracting him by throwing his ball across the line. Have friends come over and try to get him to cross the line, etc. Get people to ride bikes and skateboards by. If he crosses without permission, correct him. If he doesn’t praise him with his favorite stuff.

Rinse and repeat every day a couple times until he won’t go near the line unless you allow him.

Note: When you have in home training with your professional protection dog trainers you can work on more advanced techniques so the dog realizes he / she can cross the line if you are being threatened.



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