At Your Home Maintenance Packages

At Protection Dogs Elite, we are dedicated to your success with your personal protection dog. We’re sure you realize that the best possible ongoing training would be done in and around your home, vehicles and spots locally where you frequent like shopping malls, parks, work parking lots, ball fields, etc.

We have quarterly, bi-annual and yearly packages available.

Yearly is about the longest you would want to go when it comes to refresher training. That’s a long time for a dog to go without having any serious bite work and real life scenario training. His jaw muscles would have lost some strength and had he not been in any threatening situations, he may be slower to react. We’re not saying he would not be an effective dog, great family companion and crime deterrent. It’s just that no living being can keep a high level of skill in anything without practice.

A bi-annual package would be a good balance between sharpness and budget. Six months between refresher courses can keep your dog pretty much on game throughout the year. We put a really strong foundation in all our dogs and this regular tweaking can really keep him in good shape for a normal family with normal threat levels.

Quarterly would be the way to go for the highest level of sharpness and when you feel threats are imminent because of where you live, where you travel, and who you are. When the stakes are high, you can’t leave anything to chance.

Contact your Protection Dogs Elite Representative for pricing on these packages which will be based on the original protection dog level you purchased and take in to account any specialized training that will need refreshed. 

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