Bringing Him Home Part II

by Tom Antion

Ok. So now I’m bringing Rubix home….No I’m not. I’m going back to the training facility to do some carjacking training. What fun! How many of you out there can say you’ve been carjacked six times in 30 minutes? See. I’ve got you beat.

I’m not sure if Rubix was glad to see me or not. He certainly was glad to get the heck out of the kennel and into the training field. I think he was torn emotionally. “Hmmmmmm,” he thought. “I have to put up with this amateur handler again, but I get to bite Eric the decoy over and over. This is a tough decision. …OK I’ll bite Eric over and over and maybe this doofus handler will ¬†get a hernia trying to hold me back and go home early.”

personal protection dog Rubix with Lana and Tom Antion

Rubix is tired after five year old Lana put him through his paces

They have this old beater out in the training field. In fact they have several of them around the property. Eric, one of the most skilled decoys in the country was in charge of me and Rubix. I’m not sure if Eric just wanted me out of the way or not, but for our first carjacking training Eric told me Rubix had to get used to walking around inside a car. He stationed me outside the car on the passenger side with a long line tied to Rubix. He told me to hold on to Rubix and let him go when he gave me the cue.

Eric approached the car from the driver side and taunted Rubix who was drooling all over the place. . . . I’m not sure if it was because he was going to soon get to bite Eric, or if he was waiting for me to scream when I got my hernia.

It didn’t really matter because if the window hadn’t have been down I think Rubix would have jumped right through the glass. It was really unbelievable and as I write this from memory a couple months later it’s hard to believe this dog…..this big baby of a dog who needs his pets every night before bed and who loves to meet new people and who is totally obedient to my employee’s five year old could defend this piece of crap car so vigorously.




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