Bringing Him Home Part III

by Tom Antion

I’m really bringing him home this time. . . . No, I’m not. . . .Yes, I am. . . . No, I’m not. . . .Yes, I am, but not permanently. We decided to let Rubix stay with me for the weekend. On a Friday afternoon, two trainers came to my house with Rubix tagging along.

I’m not sure what Rubix thought. “Ahhhhhh. A nice ride and some fresh air and new scenery. Just what I needed.” The truck pulled up, the trainers got out and let Rubix out. He saw me, and I’m positive he was thinking, “Oh No. You tricked me. It’s the doofus handler from the heeling and carjacking training.”

Rubix looked around a little and then decided that if he was going to get to go for a ride he may as well make the best of it. So, to be gracious and mannerly to me, he promptly peed on every tree and bush in sight.

The trainers were very thorough in making sure I had everything I needed to accommodate Rubix for the weekend. They checked the crate I had for him. They brought the food he was used to and told me how much to feed him. They advised me on water bowls, leashes, collars, etc. The entire time Rubix was looking a little confused but then it finally dawned on him. “Hey guys, you mean you are leaving me with this incompetent goober? . . . I didn’t sign up for this. You could have at least told me I was going out of town so I could have packed some things.”

The trainers took me outside to do some more obedience training before they left. Of course they started with heeling and again I could hear Rubix saying in German, “Oh God. Not this again.” Then they left.

Rubix was looking at me. I was looking back at him. . . .Now what?






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