Business Protection Dogs Work Well With Other Systems

Closed Circuit TV System

We don’t really look at this as an alternative to a protection dog. A good surveillance camera system is a plus for any business and the recording could keep you out of court when some scumbag claims your dog bit him when he just accidentally scratched his head with a ball bat in his hand because he just came from softball practice.

Burglar Alarm

These are great and you should have one. They’re especially good when you are closed to alert the alarm company and police when someone has breached the doors or windows to your store.  As long as you or your employees aren’t there, it’s not a life and death situation. It’s only merchandise which can be replaced. The problem is if your insurance doesn’t take care of all the losses, then you still could be out a substantial sum of money.

Did you know that burglaries frequently happen by someone hiding themselves in your store while it’s open and then robbing you blind after the store closes. They make their getaway easily. Other than your security camera footage showing a normal sized person with a ski mask and gloves on, you won’t ever see that merchandise again.

Your business protection dog can be taught to do a sweep of your store at closing time to locate anyone in the building that shouldn’t be. The dog can also do a sweep of your fence line and any storage yards you want checked. NOTE: Do not confuse your “business protection dog” with a “guard or plant dog”. These dogs are antisocial and will bite anyone that comes on to your property. Protection Dogs Elite does NOT sell this type of dog.

Silent Alarms

Again a great thing to have, but do you think pressing that button will save your life 20 minutes later or even 10 minutes later or even 3 minutes later when the police get there? I’m being very generous with the times here. Not because the police are slow, but because they are under budgeted and undermanned/womaned.

I live in a very fancy neighborhood. One time in the middle of the day (I work out of my home) I heard five distinct gunshots coming from somewhere in the street behind my house. I called 911 immediately and reported “shots fired”. Do you know it was nearly three hours before the police got here?

In a violent encounter of any kind, whether it be an armed robbery or someone going “postal”, you DO NOT have the luxury of time to wait for help from the police.

Your business protection dog can react instantly to give you the absolute best chance of surviving a violent attack.

Your Own In House Team

If you are the type of business that has an in house security team, you can frequently either reduce the number of people you have on the payroll, or you can increase the area they are able to cover. Dogs are fast. Dogs have massive energy. Dogs don’t take a vacation or goof off on the job.

We are business owners and we’re proud that we create jobs. However, being business owners we do have to worry about profits and giving you a tool that can increase your profits and security, and reduce your payroll and theft is what we are all about.

A Special Note for Small Mom and Pop Stores

I’m sorry to say so, but you are a particularly big and vulnerable target. Criminals like easy marks. Frequently small stores have one or maybe two people working. Many times it’s just you the owner running the cash register, stocking the shelves, doing the bookkeeping and mopping the floors. Criminals see you just like your personal protection dog sees a big meaty bone when he’s off duty.

Here’s something for all business owners to really keep in mind:


 How About a Cool Very Short Story That Makes a Point?

“Six Cops / One Dog / One Felony Arrest Without a Shot Fired”

I have a friend who is a retired policeman. He happens to own a dog named “Felony”, but that’s another story. He was on a felony arrest with five other officers. The bad guy was a violent repeat offender who swore they would never take him alive. The guy knew he was surrounded by police and SWAT was on the way. He would not come out of the house and kept yelling how they would never take him alive.

I’m not sure of all the details, or if I got the story totally straight. It really doesn’t matter. The bottom line is that the police yelled in on a bullhorn that if they guy didn’t come out with his hands up they were sending in the K-9. One minute later the guy comes out with his hands in the air.

Moral of the story: For the most part bad guys are afraid of K-9 type dogs.

If you get a well-trained business protection dog from us, it will be totally sociable with the good people that you come in contact with like your employees and customers. It will also be a BIG DETERRENT to scare off lots of bad guys and it can still  fight to the death if necessary for the bad guys that can’t be scared off.

How Do I Acquire a Business Protection Dog?

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