Here’s the quick overview of how it all works (more detail below):

  1. You contact us and we either Interview you by phone, or we send you a questionnaire about your needs and budget. (You may also make an appointment to visit our facility).
  2. We help you choose an appropriate protection dog.
  3. The agreement is signed and the deposit is paid.
  4. You either go through handler training at our facility, or we prepare you via phone, Skype or email for three days of handler training at your home and/or business.
  5. If appropriate, your dog is put into training for any particular special protection scenarios you identified that are important to you.
  6. We either deliver your dog to you and give you handler training at your home or office, or you pick your personal protection dog up at our facility.
  7. You have unlimited follow up questions via phone, Skype, email or text.
  8. You have FREE maintenance training for you and your dog at our facility for the life of the dog.
  9. We can do your maintenance training at your home or office at an additional fee or you can purchase one of our maintenance packages along with your initial purchase. You do not have to purchase this to have a good solid dog.

More detail of how it all works:

  1. Interview – In our interview we will be asking you questions about your lifestyle and how you want the dog to fit in. We’ll ask you about your vehicles, living arrangements like number of adults, other animals and children in the family and of course, the ages of the little ones. We’ll ask you whether you are in a rural area, city neighborhood home, or a high rise condo. We will want to know how much you travel, and what expectations you have for your personal protection dog. Do you have any specific and known threats you feel you need to prepare for. The entire goal of this is to provide you with a personal protection dog that exactly matches your needs and that fits in beautifully with your everyday lifestyle.

    In addition to the above, if you are buying a business protection dog, we will ask you about your hours, the area you need covered, the amount of customers you see daily and any other pertinent information with regard to your business.

  2. Selecting a Dog – We may have a dog here that exactly matches your needs. If we don’t, we have a vast network of breeders and trusted brokers to call upon to locate your exact match. 
  3. Your Agreement – We’ll go over all the details of the agreement with you including any specialized training and ongoing training you want. You will put down the agreed upon deposit.  If you have a need for financing, we will advise you on options.
  4. Handler Training – At this point we coordinate with your schedule so you can come to our facility for your handler training. Or, if we are to deliver the dog to your home or business, we will schedule phone or Skype appointments with you to prepare for your new personal protection dog. This would include advice on bowls, leashes, collars, sleeping areas, crates, etc. …. Basically everything you need to do to prepare for your “new baby” and for our arrival at your home or business for your onsite handler training.
  5. Specialized Training – If you have chosen some advanced or specialized training for your dog, we will start that training and give you an estimate of how long the training will take. It’s always better to take a little extra time in the beginning to “proof” your dog then to rush training and have a dog that’s unreliable on that new behavior.
  6. Delivery – When your personal protection dog is ready, we will let you know so we can start coordinating your pickup at our facility or our delivery at your home or place of business. Plan on spending “at least” three days with our instructor. These three days will pay off for years to come so it’s worthwhile for you to clear your family’s and/or security team’s schedule as much as you can and avoid unnecessary distractions while we are there. We will not leave until you can safely handle your dog.
  7. Followup Assistance – Unless you are an experienced K-9 officer or military dog handler, it’s pretty much impossible that you won’t have any questions after we leave. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! We are totally dedicated to your success so you have unlimited access via phone, Skype, email and text to one of our experienced trainers for any questions or issues you have. 
  8. FREE Training Maintenance – Your dogs skills must be maintained. If you don’t play golf over the winter, you’re not so hot when you hit the course the first time in the summer are you? You can substitute any hobby or skill you want in to the above sentence. The difference is you may die of embarrassment when you miss the ball entirely on your first swing, but if your dog misses his bite because he hasn’t been put in tough situations for many months, …… or even years ….well…, or your family could actually die.

    For the life of the dog at no charge you may schedule a trip to our facility to get your dog back up to fighting sharpness. We highly suggest you attend this refresher handler training with the dog, but if necessary, we can work with the dog for a few days to get the job done without your presence. 

  9. At Your Home/Business Maintenance – The best possible maintenance training would be done in and around your home, your business, your vehicles and spots local to you that you frequent regularly like shopping centers, work parking lots, parks, etc. We have onsite maintenance packages to suit your needs. It’s much easier to maintain a dog’s training than to train the dog in the first place so you won’t have to be worrying about refresher training taking too much time. Also, we don’t want you to think that you absolutely must purchase ongoing training. Your dog will still perform. We liken it to a professional boxer who hasn’t had a fight for a year. I would still hate to get hit by him, but he knows he’s not at his peak form.

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