What Kind of Special Skills Can My Dog(s) Have?

First and overall you are investing in a professional level dog or dog team. To put it in other terms let me use myself as an example. I was an All-State and Hall of Fame football player in high school. (I was a Big Dog). I went to college at a top ten football school on a full scholarship and played starting guard and we even won the Peach Bowl (I was a Really Big Dog). I was not drafted and was not good enough for the pros (I had reached my peak of Dogdom). 

From Protection Dogs Elite you are stepping it up and getting professional or cream-of-the-crop level dogs i.e. the ones that were great all along the way AND were great enough to make it to the pro ranks.

First of all, your dog will have EXTREMELY high levels of obedience both on leash and off leash.

Your dog will have all the skills of our Level I, II and III dogs you may have seen in our family and small business protection dogs. If you didn’t see that section click here.

Now here’s where we step it up to create a customized ‘Super Dog’ just for you.

Canine helicopter training

A security officer who wishes to remain unidentified and the executive protection dog Daro do helicopter training.

Specialized Training Scenarios We Can Train for Your Dog or Dog Team:

  • Every home invasion and armed robbery scenario we can think of based on our inspection of your grounds, parking areas and room layout. We can’t tell you how many right now because we haven’t seen your home and/or business yet.
  • We can go to your corporate office(s) and/or retail store(s) and do scenario training there.
  • We will work with your children, spouse and household staff to teach them how to interact with the dog(s).
  • We can create custom scenarios based around your private aircraft, watercraft and other vehicles.
  • If you have one, we can work with your security team so the dog(s) will respond to multiple handlers.
  • Advanced Confusion and Sabotage training. – We’ll do everything humanly possible to get your dog to make mistakes during training and refresher training so we can keep his/her skills razor sharp.
  • We will teach the dog(s) large area perimeter searches and teach you how to handle the dog at great distances while keeping yourself out of harm’s way.
  • We can teach your dog(s) to locate bombs and other explosives. In fact, we’ve trained hundreds of dogs to do that for the Military and Police Departments all over the country. We’ve saved over 1500 lives so far that we know of.
  • If you fly privately internationally you are at real risk that a crew member of member of your entourage has smuggled illegal narcotics on your aircraft or watercraft. Again, we have trained hundreds of dogs to detect these illegal drugs. . . and also again, these dogs can’t be bribed to keep their mouths shut about it. 

Prices starting at $50,000 

Call today for your personal and confidential consultation.

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