What level of protection dog do I need?

First you should know that all dogs provided by Protection Dogs Elite have high levels of obedience. Your dog will, sit, stay, heel, lie down, go to a place and come when called both on leash and off leash.

You should also know that we are fully capable of customizing a dog for you if you have unique circumstances and situations. We’ll be happy to give you a custom quotation after a brief phone interview or email questionnaire.

Another thing you need to know is that there are no standards for “Levels” of Dogs. Each website you visit has totally made up their own levels based on what they think will sell. Many of them put things in levels that they have absolutely no ability to train. “Levels” are really a “buyer beware” term and you must be absolutely sure the company you deal with can produce a dog to the level they claim.

At Personal Protection Dogs Elite we have a long history of training dogs that DO NOT WASHOUT, i.e. they are not returned because they can’t perform under pressure. We have numerous stories on file where people bought bargain basement dogs to save a few bucks and the dogs could not perform as advertised. Don’t let that happen to you!

Tier I Family Protection Dog

  • Fully Obedience Trained to sit, down, heel, come and go to a place both on leash and off leash with verbal commands.
  • Good with children and very social
  • Housebroken
  • Comfortable in a Crate
  • Trained in Basic Home Invasion Scenarios
  • Basic Gunfire training – I.E. They will still protect you with gunfire going off and will not turn against you if you are firing a gun. – They are extremely tolerant of gunfire. Gunfire is a neutral stimulus.
  • Trained in Basic Carjacking / Vehicle Protection Scenarios
  • Able to search a small house and yard for intruders
  • The dog will show aggression on command by growling, barking and showing teeth and will bite on command or with an obvious threat. The dog will stop biting on command.
  • The dog will protect in the face of yelling and other loud distractions.
  • The dog will act as a deterrent to attacks.
  • The dog will stay between the threat and the handler / family members 
  • This is our entry level home and vehicle protection dog and he / she will be a formidable foe for any person trying to attack you.

All our dogs are guaranteed (see our guarantee page), vet checked and microchipped.

Free Maintenance training for the life of the dog at our Virginia Facility. At your home/business maintenance packages are available.

Don’t forget we can make a custom quote for you should you want a Level I dog trained in additional scenarios. 

Price includes delivery of the dog in the continental United States and three days of mandatory handler training. If you take handler training at our facility in Virginia, you will save the travel expenses for our trainer to travel to your home.

Prices Starting at $20,000

Tier II Family and Small Business Protection Dog

Includes everything in Tier I Plus the following:

  • Silent and whisper command training. This is important if you and your family or employees are hiding from an intruder in an effort to avoid an actual confrontation.
  • Multiple Attacker Training. The dog will be trained to bite and disable one attacker and then release that attacker to bite and disable a second attacker and so on until all attackers have been neutralized. 
  • Training in additional Home Invasion Scenarios and / or Small Business Scenarios
  • Additional Car Jacking Scenario training.
  • Shopping Mall parking lot training.
  • Tier II dogs can search larger homes and small businesses.
  • Tier II dogs will have stronger fighting skills than a Tier I dog. This dog will be able to face enormous pressure from an attacker and still continue to protect you.
  • Dogs at this level will have a stronger and deeper bite.
  • Surprise attack training – Tier I dogs will still protect you in a surprise attack. Tier II dogs will be given much deeper training in discriminating between actual threats and a jogger or bicyclist simply cutting across a trail too close to you.

Don’t forget we can make a custom quote for you should you want a Tier II dog trained in additional scenarios. 

Tier II dogs would be an extremely formidable personal protection dog for a family and strong enough to be an entry level dog for a small business, like a convenience store, jewelry store, etc.

Prices Starting at $30,000

Tier III Family and Small Business Protection Dog

Includes everything in Tier I and II Plus the following:

  • Kidnapping /Abduction Training. This dog can be sent after someone off leash to pursue and hold them, or he can guard the person and prevent their escape while waiting for police and then return to you on command. 

    Note: This would only be justified in a kidnapping / abduction scenario where the dog can get to the abduction scene far faster than you to stop an assailant from taking a spouse, child or other person.

  • A Tier III dog will get to the bad guy no matter what obstacle is thrown before him. He has been taught and is capable of hitting hard and using whatever means possible to stop an attack. He is a professional level fighter.
  • This level dog can search medium size estate homes and property and medium size businesses.
  • Poison Proofing AKA Food Refusal. This training prevents thieves or abductors from poisoning your dog and/or luring it away from its duties using food. 
  • Passive Threat Training. Some of the most serious threats are from individuals who appear harmless, yet whisper to you they have a gun and you should do as they say and get in the car. Security experts pretty much agree that the odds of you surviving when someone forces you into a vehicle are extremely low.

    Most of the experts say it’s better to fight it out right where you are because the bad guy just wants to get you to an isolated location to do unthinkable things to you. It’s harder for a dog to understand there is a serious threat happening when the bad guy looks and acts so normal. Although this training is included in Tiers I and II it goes much deeper in Tier III and gives the dog much more experience into friendly aggressor scenarios. 

  • Narcotics and Explosives detection training

 Prices Starting at $40,000

What You Need to Know About Guarantees for a Personal Protection Dog


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