What You Need to Know About Guarantees and Warranties on a Personal Protection Dog

First a guarantee or warranty is only as good as the company you’re dealing with. If the company consists of one guy working out of his garage in his rented house, you probably shouldn’t have much faith that you will get your money back, or that he has a suitable replacement dog should yours prove itself unacceptable.

Also, in a situation like that with a very small company, how confident are you that the dog you’re getting has been tested properly for the proper protection dog temperament (so he doesn’t bite everything in sight) and hasn’t come from a puppy mill where health standards are virtually non existent?

Remember. . . that company has to purchase the dog and put in months of training before they can even sell it to you. Having several high quality dogs to support that haven’t been sold yet takes a lot of cash. If it comes to paying their rent or spending the extra couple thousand dollars each getting high quality dogs, which do you think they will do?

Some companies are not even located in the USA. If you have any kind of problem at all…..good luck with that. I’ve even seen them give a lifetime guarantee on the dog’s training. What does that mean and how would you ever collect on it? That’s just bogus advertising hype.

You must be sure you are dealing with a company that has a substantial location, is financially solvent and has the ability to deliver what they promise AND they have the ability and willingness to fix it if something goes wrong.

This is a Live Animal

I’m not trying to be funny here, but if you poke your personal protection dog’s eye out with a stick, nobody is going to replace your dog. You have a responsibility to the dog as much as the dog has a responsibility to you. You can’t simply throw some food at it every day and forget about everything else. 

Most legitimate companies will warrant the dog for good health when they sold it to you and for x number of years after that so long as you responsibly take care of the dog. Most should provide X-rays of the dogs hips, elbows and spine. If the dog gets sick because of poor feeding habits, lack of exercise, zero or improper vaccinations, shots, flea and tick control, etc. it’s doubtful any company would step up to help you other than offer to take the dog back so it doesn’t suffer anymore under your lousy care. I think some companies even require that you bring the dog back to them if circumstances change and you decide you do not want the dog anymore.

Protection Dog Elite’s Guarantee

We want you to have a great lifelong experience with your personal protection dog. Before we sell any dog we will microchip the dog to give you a positive ID in case you would ever get separated from your dog. We will have our trusted veterinarian check the dog out thoroughly. You are also welcome to have the dog checked out by your vet prior to purchase. We will provide you with X-Rays of the dogs hips, elbows and spine. All of this makes us very confident in giving you a full 2 year health warranty covering congenital defects.

How to Buy a Personal Protection Dog 

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