How to Buy a Business Protection Dog 

We’re going to assume here that your business protection dog is going to go home with someone when it’s done working each day. It might be you to protect you when you travel to and from your business and when you get home, or it might be a member of your security detail taking the dog home every night. 

That being the case, to start with your business protection dog is going to need the same set of skills any personal protection dog would need. It will need to be fully obedient both on and off leash. It will need carjacking training, home invasion training and all the scenario training of the family and small business protection dog levels listed here. We recommend a Level II dog as the minimum for small business protection.

In addition your dog and you will need on site training in your store or place of business. Our professional trainers will assess the best place to keep your dog during business hours and they will teach you and your selected employees how to handle the dog. Part of that training will include commands both whispered and silent to put the dog on high alert without alarming your customers or alerting the bad guy to what is about to happen to him.

Your advanced training will be customized to your exact situation. We will extensively interview you about your place of business, the threats you may encounter, the layout of your business and many more in depth questions so we can “build a dog” that can do what you need it to do.

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