Take a look at our dogs and if nothing here suits you, we will locate and custom train the perfect dog for you.

Nitro – $20,000

His name says it all.
He’s extremely energetic and can play all day.

He has a great on and off switch which makes him a perfect personal protection dog. One command and he will raise hell and another one, he’ll just lay down like nothing happened.

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Bear (aka Fluffy) – $35,000

This big boy is a magnificent long coated black and tan. He’s a 2 year old German Shepherd with an outstanding pedigree stacked with showline champions.

Bear is really outgoing and excellent with kids, but don’t be fooled. When it’s time to have your family’s back, our playful Fluffy will switch gears and turn into Bear mode.

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Bear Headshot

Dakota – SOLD

She is a sweet 2 year old solid black female who is really full of energy and confidence.

This girl has a great personality and loves to play fetch. We’re sure you will get tired before her. Dakota is the perfect candidate for a first time family protection home.

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Alfredo – $65,000

This big and extremely tough 3 year old, 95 pound boy won’t be for a first time  protection dog owner. He is extremely clear headed and also extremely strong.

Alfredo is an import from Germany and has a pedigree stacked with champions.

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Phoenix – SOLD

This scary girl was sent to a vacation home in another country to protect against Pirates and dangerous thieves. She is intimidating coal black in color and pretty much makes the bad guys pick another family to rob.

BUT, if they’re dumb enough to target this family, the thieves will have a rude awakening waiting for them.

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