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Baby Monitor – A video monitor normally designed to monitor babies while sleeping or playing. Used to proof the stay command when the dog cannot see the handler i.e. make the dog feel that they must obey the stay command whether they can see the handler or not. If the dog broke the stay command, the handler would immediately appear and correct the dog.

Back Bite – A target area for the dog to bite which is the middle of the bad guy’s back or better yet the back of the armpit. This would be appropriate for a dog who is coming from behind the bad guy to defend you or where you send the dog away from you to defend against a kidnapping/abduction scenario . A back bite by the protection dog (or any bite for that matter) would NOT be appropriate when a bad guy is running away and is no longer a threat to you or someone near you.

Back Chaining – Training a dog in a complex behavior where the final part of the behavior is trained first, then the next to the last behavior is trained second and so forth until the beginning point of the behavior is trained last.

Back Seat Hammock – A canvas like cover that protects the back seat of a sedan type car so the protection dog does not cause damage to the car.

Back Tie – Restraining the protection dog to a building, tree or some sturdy object for various training purposes.

Bait Bag – A bag worn on the belt or as an apron that holds food rewards.

Ball on a String – A toy to motivate and exercise a protection dog that can be used for Tug of War or playing fetch.

Bamboo Stick – A noisemaker used in agitating the protection dog during training. Also see “Agitation Stick”.

Bark and Guard – A personal protection dog action to bark at a bad guy/girl and prepare to defend the handler should an attack occur

Bark and Hold – A personal protection dog action to bark at a bad guy/girl the dog has discovered from a distance of at least six feet to avoid being struck by the bad guy.  The dog is supposed to intimidate the bad guy from fleeing until help arrives. There are many different scenarios that can be taught to the dog with regard to what to do if the bad guy attacks, stays stationary or runs.

Barrier Aggression – See ‘Fence Aggression

Basket Muzzles – Dog muzzles made of stiff wire. Dogs can generally drink and pant while wearing this type of muzzle.

Personal protection dog guarding bathroom.

Rest stop bathrooms can be scary at night. If it were me, I’d take the dog inside with me. Who’s going to complain?

Bathroom Training – Teaching the personal protection dog to guard you by looking away from you (watching your back) when you are in a public restroom like at a roadside rest stop.

Belgian Malinois – A shepherd dog frequently used in personal protection dog work.

Belgian Ring / Ring Sport – A police/protection dog sport considered the oldest and most difficult. The sport is normally dominate by the Belgian Malinois Dog. Also see NVBK

Bite Bar – A training tool used in developing the bite in a personal protection dog.

Bite Pillow – A soft training tool used in bite work.

Bite Rag – Soft leather rag used in puppy bite work training to protect the puppy’s developing teeth.

Bite Sack – Bag or cloth normally of burlap or soft material  that is used in beginning bite work. The dog will be attracted through Prey drive to bite or grip the bag.

Bite Suit- A padded suit worn by a “decoy” or “helper” during bite work training.

bite suit, bite work, padded suit

Bite suits used for initial training of personal protection dogs


Bite Wedge – A wedge shaped training tool used during bite work.

Bite Work – Training periods when the personal protection dog is being taught how, when and where to bite the bad guy.

Bite Zone- Areas of the body targeted during bite work training.

Blast Hose – Dog training toy normally used on personal protection dogs with strong bites. It’s frequently made out of abrasion resistant sandblasting hose. Sometimes come with a rope attached.

Bleib Command – Also ‘bly’b’, German for “Stay”

Bloat – A life threatening emergency where the protection dog’s stomach fills with fluid and gas and/or the dog’s stomach rotates along it’s long axis. This could occur because of heavy drinking after eating or extremely hard exercise after eating.

Body Armor – Bullet proof type vests for dogs.

Bonding- Developing a close relationship with your personal protection dog

Building Drive – Using training techniques to increase, excite and motivate a dog’s natural instincts.

Building Search – The dog is trained to go room to room to locate intruders.

Bungee Line – An elasticized tie out that reduces the strain on the dogs neck when it hits the end of the line.

Bungee Tug – A toy used for playing Tug of War that has an elasticized rope tied to it.

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