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Rappelling Harness – A specialized dog harness normally used by police and military handlers that would allow you to take your personal protection dog with you on climbing adventures. Advanced training or very simple break in climbs are highly recommended before relying on your dog to cooperate with this type of activity.

Recall Command – Considered the most important command of all in dog training. Your dog should come to you when called.

Reinforcement Training – Adding or subtracting stimuli during the training of a personal protection dog to INCREASE the  chance a behavior will occur.

Relaxed Recall – 

Release command – A command releasing the protection dog from a previous command. Release commands are important because if not given, the dog is left to decide on its own when to release your command which is not a good situation.

Reliability – Usually quantified in percentages of how well a dog can be expected to obey a command. A 100 percent reliable protection dog will obey without hesitation no matter what. A dog that’s only 80 percent reliable i.e. only obeys 8 out of 10 times still needs training.

Remote Collar – See “E-Collar

Replacement Guarantee – A guarantee or warranty issued by a protection dog company that promises to replace a dog that turns out to be unsuitable or defective in some way.

Respondent Conditioning – See “Classical Conditioning

Restrained Recall – A training procedure where the protection dog is held back from coming to you to build frustration and heightened drive to come when called. First video below is with the dog backtied and second video is from a short leash which lets you and your helper move to different areas quickly.


Rest Stop Training – See “Bath Room Training“.

Revere Command – An alert command for your personal protection dog telling him / her to bark aggressively and defend you and/or your family.

Reward Training – Increasing wanted behaviors in dogs by giving food, toys or praise to the dog for exhibiting the behavior.

Ring Sports – Obedience and protection competitions for dogs.

Room Search – Where a dog searches your home for intruders prior to you entering the home. If you suspect someone has broken in to your home and you know no family members are in the house, in most cases you are better off keeping you and your protection dog safely outside the house and calling the police.

Rubber Gun – A training tool designed to safely and visually teach the personal protection dog what potential weapon threats look like. Also, used in the safe training of weapon disarming techniques.

Running out of dog – Slang term professional dog trainers use when the dog is too tired to continue a productive training session.

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