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Darkness Training – Training in low light conditions to be sure the personal protection dog reacts the same as he/she would during daylight.

Dead Ring – One of the rings on a choke or slip collar. When the leash is attached to this ring the collar does not constrict on the dog’s neck.  Also see ‘Live Ring‘ 

choke chain live and dead rings

Hook the leash to the live ring to make the collar tighten when the leash is pulled. Hook the leash to the dead ring when you don’t want the collar to tighten when pulled.

Decoy – The person playing the part of the bad guy in protection dog training. This person frequently wears padded equipment to protect himself during bitework training.

Decoy Vocalizations – Screaming done by a decoy while a dog is biting to simulate real life situations and to be sure the screaming does not cause the protection dog to release his/her bite.

Defense Drive – The personal protections dog’s instinct to defend it’s territory, handler or pack/family.

Defense Table – A table used in personal protection and guard dog training that forces a dog to fight as it is tied on a short leash and perceives no other way out of the danger it’s in.

Deshedding – Removing loose hair from your personal protection dog to keep his/her living area more clean. Also see ‘Carding

Deterrent – Using a dog that will not necessarily bite to deter criminal attempts.

Directed Attack – A situattion where the bad guy is actually pointed out to the protection dog.

Discrimination – The ability of the personal protection dog to discriminate between threats and non-threats. Generally the higher level of discrimination the more abilities and training the dog has and the higher the price.

Distance – How far away the handler is from the protection dog where the protection dog will reliable obey a command.

Distractions – Anything that takes the attention of the protection dog off its current command. Distractions could be people, noises, toys, and other animals.

Dog Back Pack – A storage device strapped on the personal protection dog’s back. It can also be used to hold weights to tire the dog out faster during exercise.

Dog Cooling Vest – Canine clothing that has the ability to cool the dogs temperature during hot weather operations.

Dogtra – Well known quality E-collar manufacturer.

Dog Training Apron – A piece of dog training equipment that keeps the trainer/handler clean and protects him/her from scratches. It also assists male trainers from getting hit in the groin from jumping dogs.

Dog Tread Mill – An exercise device for dogs similar to a human treadmill.

Doorbell Training – Training procedures for personal protection dogs that teach them what to do when someone rings the doorbell or knocks.

Door Guards – Protection for the interior of the doors of a car to prevent scratches and drool from ruining the car’s upholstery.

Door Popper – An add on device to a vehicle door that allows the operator to open the door remotely thus releasing his/her personal protection dog from the vehicle.

Dominant Dog Collar – A collar specifically designed for very aggressive dogs. It’s unlikely you should need such a collar for a properly trained and socialized personal protection dog.

Down & Stay Command – The command that puts your dog in a down position. The dog is not allowed to move from that position unless the handler gives the release command or an obvious threat is present.

Down in Motion – A situation where your dog is commanded to stop and lie down while you continue to walk away.

Drop/Down on Recall – A highly important command that causes your dog to stop immediately when running back to you. This could be necessary if the dog is trying to get back to you from across busy highway or a similar situation that would put the dog in danger if he/she continued running to you.

Duck Board – AKA “Kennel Deck”.  A raised platform that provides airflow underneath when the dog is sleeping, standing or laying down.

Dummy Collar – Non functional e-collar for the dog to wear full time so the dog does not become collarwise.

Duration – The length of time a protection dog will reliably hold a command.

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