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Obedience Training – Training to make the dog respond reliably to commands by the handler. Basic commands are sit, stay, lie down, stand up, and come. More advanced commands could be back up, walk backwards, go to place/bed, etc. All personal protection dogs should be highly obedient.

Object Aggression – Snapping, growling or snarling over what the personal protection dog deems his/her prized possessions.

Obstacle Training – Teaching the dog to overcome barriers to either get to the bad guy or get to its handler.

Business Protection Dog Obstacle Training

This dog is being trained to either crash through or jump over obstacles.

Off Leash Control – When a protection dog is obedient when no leash is attached to his/her collar.

On Location Training – Training conducted where the personal protection dog will be working. Generally a company will send trainers to your home or business to train both the handler and the dog.

Operant Conditioning – Marking and rewarding a naturally occurring behavior in an effort to make it occur again.

Opposition Reflex – The tendancy of a personal protection dog to pull against your leash pulls and/or push back against your body pushes.

Out Command – Command used to make the dog release his hold on the attacker.

Overcorrect – Giving a corrections to a personal protection dog that was too harsh for the nature of the infraction.

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