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E-collar – AKA “Electronic Collar / Remote Collar”: A collar which gives a mild electric shock (similar to very mild static electricity) that allows you to control and train your personal protection dog from great distances. NOTE: Should only be used with proper professional training.

E-collar – AKA “Elizabethan Collar”: These are the cone head collars prescribed by veterinarians to keep the dog from licking wounds, removing stiches, etc.

Elastic Collar – AKA “Stretch Collar”: An expandable collar normally used in conjunction with an E-Collar so that the E-Collar prongs don’t become too tight when the dogs neck swells during agitation and bite work.

Environmentally Sound – The description of a personal protection dog that can react appropriately in all types of settings including around children, loud noises, slippery floors, vehicles, etc.

Equipment – Any items used in personal protection dog training used to protect the decoy or agitate the dog. Dogs trained for sport frequently only become aggressive in the presence of equipment. Since no attacker in real life is going to wear a large padded suit or sleeve, actual protection dogs must be trained to focus on the threat and not the equipment.

Bite work Equipment for family protection dogs.

When you read about dogs reacting only to “equipment” here’s a sample of the equipment they are talking about. Bite suits, sleeves, leg sleeves, wedges, clatter sticks, etc.

Equipment Oriented – A dog that only alerts when seeing equipment related to bite work. A dog like this would most likely NOT defend you in a real life setting because the attacker will not be wearing bite work equipment.

Escape Training – AKA “Compulsion”:  The personal protection dog is trying to ‘escape’ an unpleasant stimulus from the trainer when an unwanted behavior is being offered.

Escort Exercise – A ring sport exercise where the dog helps transport a prisoner.


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