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Wait Command – A command given to the personal protection dog implying a short stay as opposed to the ‘stay’ command which implies an indefinite stay. An example of use would be just outside a door as you are unlocking it to enter.

Washout – A dog who was not capable of performing the duties required as a personal protection dog. These dogs are frequently adopted out.

Watch Command –  AKA Watch’em A command use to put a personal protection dog in a highly alert status.

Watch Dog – A dog trained to detect intruders and alert by barking.

Weapon Hand – The hand holding a stick, knife, gun or any object that would indicate a threat.

Whip – A short leather strap used to make noise to agitate a personal protection dog during training.

Whisper Commands – Commands given to the protection dog at an extremely low volume when stealth is of utmost importance. An example would be when you are hiding from an intruder in hopes no confrontation will occur.

Wire Crate – An enclosure for the safety and training of a dog. Wire crates frequently fold up for moving and storage.

Working Dogs – A term used to describe dogs that have jobs to do. Examples would be police dogs, personal protection dogs, search and rescue dogs (SAR), service dogs, etc.

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