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Leash Aggression – Apparent aggression exhibited when a dog is pulling on a leash in an effort to get to another animal or human. This may simply be frustration from being restrained and is a great reason to teach the dog not to pull on a leash or it may be real aggression.

Leather Rag – A soft leather rag used in bite work training

Leather Tug – Tug of War toys are made using various surfaces. This surface is leather. A variety of surfaces should be used to train a dog in bite work to avoid ‘toy bias’.

Leg Bite – Target zone during bite work training below the waist of the attacker.

Leg to Arm Transfers – Release of a bite on the leg and subsequent bite to the arm of an attacker.

Leg Sleeve – Piece of equipment to allow the protection dog to target and bite the leg of the decoy/helper.

Levels of Opposition – Subjective measurement of the seriousness of attack your personal protection dog could face.

Levels of Protection – These are “buyer beware” terms because there are no set standards for personal protection dog abilities. When you see a Level I advertised dog on one website it may have the same abilities as a Level II dog on another website. The levels are simply devised by each company and do not necessarily translate to levels advertised from other companies.

Live Ring – One of the rings on a choke or slip collar. When the leash is attached to this ring the collar can constrict on the dog’s neck. Also see ‘Dead Ring

Long Line – An extremely long leash typically 15 feet to 50 feet used to control a protection dog at further distances.

Longe – See, “Long Line”

Loud Environments – Areas where the noise level may be too high for a personal protection dog to respond reliably with voice commands only. Examples would be loud factories, parades, outdoor concerts, where screaming or shooting is taking place, etc.

Low Light Training – Training of a personal protection dog at night or in darkness.

Luring – A training method that uses food or toys to show the dog where you want him/her to be or to do.

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