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Magnet Tug – A retention method for a toy that uses magnets to make it easy for the handler to display and put away the toy.

Maintenance Programs – Recurring training for your personal protection dog to maintain the sharpness of his/her skills.

Make Friends Command – A command given to tell the dog there is not threat and to behave with good manners when meeting other animals or people.

Manners Minder – Remote control treat dispenser used in dog training.

Manners Training – Training a dog to be a good citizen. Examples would be not jumping on people, not begging food, etc.

Marker Training – See ‘Clicker Training‘ 

Marking Tone – A tone used to “mark” the occurrence of a wanted behavior in a family protection dog. A clicker is an example of a device that makes such a noise (click). Many e collars have a tone setting so you can mark behaviors at a long distance.

Mondio Ring – A protection dog sport

Motion Stop/down – A training exercise where a heeling dog stops and/or lie’s down while the handler continues to walk forward.

Motivation – The concept that your personal protection dog wants to follow commands and be involved in training exercises as opposed to being forced to participate.

Multiple Opponent Training – Training the protection dog to handle more than one threat and where to put the dog’s main protection emphasis, i.e. whether to stay near the handler or to attack away from the handler.

Multiple Handlers – A situation where the dog will obey reliably to more than one handler/owner, i.e. in a family situation the dog will obey the adult children and the parents.

Muzzle, Agitation – See ‘Muzzle, Fighting’ below

Muzzle, Basket – A wire or plastic bite prevention device worn on the protection dog’s head. The dog can still drink and pant through the holes in this type of muzzle. Care should be taken to make sure fingers don’t poke through the holes in this type of muzzle where they could be bitten.

Muzzle, Fighting – Typically made from heavy reinforced leather a bite control device used in personal protection dog training so the decoy / helper does not have to wear bite protection equipment.

Muzzle Fighting – A training method for a personal protection dog where the dog cannot bite and must use it’s body and paws to fight the decoy / helper. The dog fights harder because of the frustration of not being able to bite. Also, the decoy / helper is able to wear regular clothes to make sure the dog will still defend when there is no obvious bite work equipment involved like sleeves and bite suits.

Muzzle, Plastic – A bite prevention device for a dog made from plastic. The dog can still pant and drink through holes in the plastic.

Muzzle Vest – A protective garment for the decoy/helper when taking hits from a dog going through muzzle fighting training.

Muzzle, Wire – A bite prevention device for a dog made from stiff wire. The dog can still pant and drink through holes in the wire.

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