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Unarmed Attacker – An assailant who does not have a weapon.

Unbalanced Dog – A dog that has drives that are quite unequal. This kind of dog may be unsuitable for home and family protection because it may be far too difficult to train. 

Underarm Bite – See “Armpit Bite”

Underneath Command – A command to keep a dog close by having him/her lie down directly below or at the foot of the handler’s chair or table.

Unkenneled – A personal protection dog that is running free on a property.

Unmotivated Dog – A dog that is not interested in training exercises. Good training can increase motivation.

Unmuzzle – Remove a dog’s muzzle.

Unprovoked Agression – When a dog bites, barks, snarls or growls when there is no threat present.

Unsocial – A dog that is too aggressive to be around people. Such a dog would not be a good candidate for a personal protection dog unless it was homed in a very isolated rural area.

Unsound – A dog’s temperament that makes it unfit for personal protection dog work.

Unstable – A dog with emotional problems similar to ‘unsound’ that would make it an unacceptable candidate for personal protection work.

Unteach – Reteaching a personal protection dog in proper behavior when it has had poor training.

Untethered – A dog not tied to anything.

Untrained Dog – See ‘Green Dog’

Untrustworthy – A personal protection dog who has a very low percentage of reliability.

Urban Unrest – A situation where there is a breakdown of law and order which would be a good time to have a personal protection dog.

Utility Dog – Any dog that is to be used as a working or service dog.

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