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Nagging Correction – Small, usually ineffective corrections to a dog for disobedience. The old saying is, “One good correction is worth a 1000 nagging corrections.”

Naked Obedience – A term describing a situation where the protection dog will be obedient to the handler while wearing no leash and no collar.

Natural Drives – Instinctual behaviors exhibited by personal protection dogs. In no particular order the natural drives are pack, prey, food, sex and defense.

Nic – Term related to e-collar / remote collar training where a button on the transmitter is pushed that gives the dog stimulation for only a small fraction of a second.

Night Leash – A lighted leash for walking your dog or training in darkness.

No Bark Aggression – When a dog can attack without giving warning barks. Could be used when a family is hiding from an intruder, but the intruder detects their presence and attacks.

No Spill Bowl – A water bowl designed to virtually eliminate spills from kicking and or other movements of the bowl by providing a lip around the bowl and a floating plate in the bowl that limits the amount of water that is available and squelches surges of water. This bowl can be used in a moving vehicle. The bowl also keeps long ears and beards from getting wet.

NVBK – Nationaal Verbond van Belgische Kynologen. Organizers of Belgian Ring.


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