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Tab – A very short leash.

Tactile Treat – Non verbal praise for a personal protection dog involving petting, scratching or rubbing the dog in its favorite places.

Targeting – Teaching the personal protection dog to touch his / her body part to a specific location or object. Good Targeting discussion for dogs.

Temperament – The genetic traits of a dog that cannot be changed through training.

Territorial Aggression – A personal protection dog’s aggressive tendencies when a stranger invades what the dog perceives as his/her area and geographical possessions.

Testing – Evaluating the temperament and health of a potential personal protection dog before purchasing the dog and before training the dog.

Threat – A potential for harm to the personal protection dog, it’s handler or family.

Throw Chain – A training tool sometimes called “The Poor Man’s E-collar” that is designed to be thrown at your dog’s butt to make him think you are able to correct him even when he’s 20 feet away from you. Make sure you learn to use this device properly if you decide to incorporate it in your personal protection dog training.

Tie Out – A. A device that can be screwed or pounded into the ground so you can attach a leash or long line to it, B. the act of restraining your dog by means of a chain, line or leash tied to an inanimate object.

Titled Dogs – Dogs that have won ring sport competitions.

Titration – The level of correction needed to stop a behavior. Titration can change radically based on the temperament of an individual dog and also change radically in the same dog depending on distractions present. Exceeding the titration level at any given time in the training process can cause retaliation in the dog or avoidance.

Toy – Anything the dog likes to play with as a reward. It could be as simple as an old rag to play tug of war, a squeeky device to chew on, a ball on a string, or even a piece of hose, etc.

Toy Bias – The willingness of a protection dog to bite one surface but not another. This should be avoided during training so the dog will bite any surface presented.

Toy Drive – Desire to chase, capture and manipulate a toy object based from Prey drive

Training in Drive – The art of stimulating the natural drives of the dog and keeping the dog in drive while shaping behaviors to gain conditioned behaviors.

Training Theories – There are two major theories when it comes to dog training. A. Compulsion and B. Motivation

Tri-Tronics – Well known quality E-collar manufacturer

Tug – A training device or toy that can be used to play tug of war with your personal protection dog or a target for the dog to aim for during bite training.

Tug O War – A mental and physical game played with your personal protection dog where the dog and the handler pull against each other on a tug or other toy. Some people think this causes aggressive tendencies in a dog, but most professionals believe that when proper rules are adhered to, that this game is very good for the dog and the bond between the dog and handler. Tug of War Rules

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