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Variable Reward – A reinforcement schedule for your personal protection dog where the dog never knows exactly when it will be rewarded.

Varmint – Term coined by famous Koehler Guard Dog training method to refer to decoy/helper/bad guy.

Vehicle Protection Training – Training of the protection dog to protect a vehicle when the owner/handler is not present.

Velcro Dog – Term coined with regard to E-Collar training where dog stays next to handler and sticks to the handler as if ‘velcroed’ to the handler.

Verbal Threat – A threat made with words and not necessarily overt actions that would automatically alert your personal protection dog that an a attack may be imminent.

Verbal Treat – Praise for your dog using words and voice inflection. Generally delivered best by using a high pitch in your voice.

Violent Threat – A threat that could do bodily harm.

Vocalize – A yelp or crying sound when a personal protection dog is overcorrected with a leash or overstimulated by an e-collar.

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